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Hompage der Celtic Warriors Otzenhausen

Steel Crusade Part 11

Six Flying Putanas, Gravety, Mindwar

- 4. Dezember 2009 -

Steel Crusade 11

Six Flying Putanas

Six Flying Putanas
zur Homepage von Six Flying Putanas

Six Flying Putanas



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Seit Anfang 2009 existiert die Band im aktuellen Line-up. Nach Monaten des unermüdlichen
Probens sind wir jetzt hungrig auf Live-Gigs. Die ersten Songs sind geschrieben und warten
nur darauf, vor Publikum gespielt zu werden. In naher Zukunft wird eine EP erscheinen und
euch zeigen, dass Metal nicht totzukriegen ist! Also seit bereit für ein
knüppelndes Stück Schwermetall!



zur Homepage von Mindwar


The history of Mindwar; -May 2007: Dieter and Tim start Mindwar.

-September 2007: Kristof joins the band on guitar, Didi takes the bass and the vocals.
The first gig is at Scumfest I.

-Oktober 2007: Rajan joins as a second guitarist, both him and K play leadguitar. They
start to write new songs and improve the old songs.

-April 2008: Tim deceides to quit the band, all gigs are cancelled.

-May 2008: Thomas becomes the new drummer, the band starts to work as hard as possible to
make up for the lost gigs. The shows with Thomas are a succes, the sound becomes heavyer
and they create an own style. In september Mindwar enters the studio to record some songs,
thx to Freddy.

-Oktober 2008: Rajan takes a 3 month trip to India, the band takes a break, and when Rajan
returns they start writing new songs that will be played at the somethings wrong tour.

-March 2009: after a time of silence Mindwar drops the bomb with the frist gig of 2009 at
Stockwood, blowing everything away, and forget about their downs they had since the start in
2007. Mindwar was back, and how!

August 2009: Kristof quits the band. Matthias from Indemnity helps Mindwar out with the upcoming gigs.
Oktober 2009: Thomas DC joins Mindwar on guitar. Again Mindwar is complete.

We want to thank everyone who has supported us since the beginning. We also want to say thanks to
the people who booked us and also the bands weve played with for the friendship and help. A special
thanks to our crew (Jeast, Rudger, Vercammen en Stijn VDB) and to al the groupies for not showing up!